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Active travel is about seeing the world from a whole new perspective. For the past 27 years, Backroads has been creating vacations around activities that yield the richest experience for travelers, whether it's on two wheels, two feet or on the water. Backroads goal is to create a fun, flexible and self-paced environment that allows you to truly experience the best that your destination has to offer. Check out Backroads cycling tours, hiki
Web Information:
Address Information:
801 Cedar St.
Berkeley CA 94710

Phone: 800-462-2848
Fax: 510-527-1889
Guided Activities:
Non-Guided Activities:
Family Trips, Kayaking, Tours and Treks.
Family Trips, Kayaking, Tours and Treks.
Tours and Treks.
Areas of Operation:
Alberta, Arizona, Quebec, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Washington, Ecuador, Maine, Asia, Switzerland, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, Thailand, Hawaii, South Africa, Peru, California, South Carolina, Chile, Botswana, Argentina, United States, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy.
Recreation Areas:
Canadian Rockies, Grand Canyon National Park, St. Lawrence River, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Santa Fe National Forest, San Juan Island National Historic Park, Galapagos Islands-Ecuador, Acadia National Park, Asia-Vietnam, The Swiss Alps, Alaska Other, The Whitsunday Islands, New Zealand, Mexico, Andes Mountains-Ecuador, Costa Rica, France-Europe, Thailand, Hawaii Other, South Africa, Ireland-Europe, Italy-Europe, Peru, Yosemite National Park, ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, Baja-Mexico, Bandelier National Monument, Machu Picchu-Peru, Inca Trail-Peru, Patagonia-Chile, Scotland-Europe, Botswana-Africa, Switzerland-Europe, Canyonlands National Park, Death Valley, Torres Del Paine-Argentina, Andes-Chile, Banff Natl. Park, Sonoma Valley, Pacific Northwest - Oregon to British Columbia, Portugal-Europe, Prague, Tuscany-Italy, Umbria-Italy, Veneto-Italy, Turkey-Europe, Spain-Europe.
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