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Boyden Cavern Adventures & Tours, LLC

Boyden Cavern lies beneath the massive 2,000 foot high marble walls of the famous Kings Gates. It is a magnificent cavern with many varieties of natural speleothems, including rare "shield" formations. Visitors are delighted to find that spectacular beauty above ground is complemented by natural beauty underground. This popular 45-minute walking tour is suitable for the entire family, from kids to senior citizens.
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Address Information:
Boyden Cavern Adventures & Tours, LLC
19428 Cordelia Ave.
Sonora CA 95370

Phone: 888-965-8243
Guided Activities:
Non-Guided Activities:
Tours and Treks.
Tours and Treks.
Areas of Operation:
California, Nevada.
Tours and Treks.
Recreation Areas:
Mammoth Mountain, The Ruby Mountains.
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