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Crew Treks

Crew Treks offers thrilling trekking and climbing adventures and takes you to the remotest alpine wilderness in the world from Peru and Mexico in the Western hemisphere, to Tanzania and Nepal in the East, including the world-renowned Himalayan Mountains and Everest Base Camps. Experience the breath-taking beauty of the most rugged and serene landscapes on the planet, and walk the same exhilarating trails of the earliest alpine explorers.
Web Information:
Address Information:
Crew Treks
1048 S 264th Street
Des Moines WA 98198

Phone: 206-227-3788
Guided Activities:
Non-Guided Activities:
Climbing, Trekking.
Climbing, Trekking.
Areas of Operation:
Tibet, Asia, Africa.
Climbing, Trekking.
Recreation Areas:
Upper Yangtze-Tibet, Nepal, Mt. Kilimanjaro-Tanzania, The Himalayas-Nepal.
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