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Canyon Expeditions

Our Grand Canyon river trips are geared for individuals & families seeking a highly participatory vacation. Our Hybrid Grand Canyon Raft Trips are geared for individuals seeking a highly participatory vacation and include oar boats, a paddle boat and two inflatable kayaks. We also offer All-Paddle Trips for those who want to paddle every day. We do daily side canyon hiking on all trips.
Web Information:
Address Information:
Canyon Expeditions
PO Box 310
Flagstaff AZ 86002

Phone: 800-654-0723
Fax: 928-774-4655
Guided Activities:
Non-Guided Activities:
Tours and Treks, Whitewater Trips.
Tours and Treks, Whitewater Trips.
Areas of Operation:
Tours and Treks, Whitewater Trips.
Recreation Areas:
Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado River - AZ, Colorado River Grand Canyon.
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